Kids Shopping Guide: The Essential Items For Your Family

Being a parent is a great challenge, right? Well, any hero needs help, that’s why we created this list with problem-solving products for each occasion you may face as a mom or dad. Call them baby hacks, must-have items, or just sanity-saving products for new parents, some things are worth investing in when you have small children.

Diapering & Transport Accessories

The importance of having some kind of carrier can’t be denied. It just gives you the ability to multitask during those crazy moments in motherhood. This is a MUST if you have more than one kid! You also are going to need a changing mat if you prefer to go outside rather than being closed in your own home. A waterproof & foldable one is a perfect choice for you. If you consider yourself an active parent, then a backpack that can be turned into a crib is something that will spark your interest.


Well, when your baby is sleeping… they are all angels. To prolong this beautiful time & have it for yourself to use for a nap as well, use some smart life-hacks. For example, a lot of kids wake up because the blanket fell off and they feel cold. To prevent this annoying situation, use Envelope Baby Sleeping Bag. Its buttoned-up design will keep your kid warm & cozy. Needless to say, that night lights & white noise machines can work miracles & mesmerize kiddos for a long & healthy sleep.


Babies rely on us for everything — especially food that’s why we need to put our best efforts into making it comfortable & safe for them.   To avoid the mess during mealtime, use this genius silicone baby bib.   It has a huge pocket to catch spills and can be quickly rinsed off after mealtime is over. If your little one gets fussy and refuses to eat, try rattles! They work magic to calm your baby down so you can continue feeding. After you’re done, offer your kid a pacifier. It’s great for teaching your baby to self-soothe between feedings.

Play Time

Toys play a huge role in a child’s development. This Elephant Toy is ideal for sensory play! Your baby will love cuddling it. The elephant also features animatronic ears that cover its eyes when you hit the button, and then move back into place, meaning your little one can play ‘peek-a-boo’ to their heart’s content. To develop your kid’s problem-solving and motor skills, try puzzles! In our store, we offer puzzles that teach your kid about animals, as well as shapes and colors.

Encouraging Independence

Give your child a calendar and get him into the habit of writing down important dates and appointments. As he gets older, he’ll need to keep track of things like doctors’ appointments, play dates, friends’ birthday parties, games, and more. An independent child will rely on himself, not on his parents, to know what he needs to do and where he needs to be. For teaching your kid time management skills, get an alarm clock and a kid’s wristwatch. Make sure your kid can entertain himself/herself without the use of gadgets. Active play toys like this wooden rope ladder always come in handy!

Let us know in the comments what are your favorite life-hacks for parents!

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